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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Are you insured?


Yes! We know accidents happen. That's why we are a member and insured with Pet Sitter Associates LLC. Our insurance covers most types of accidental injury and property damage, so you can feel secure.

How do I give you access to my home?


In many cases, you may be able to give us authorization to check out a key with your building's concierge. In this case, your walker or sitter will check out the key at the start of each appointment, and return it at the end of their visit. Keep in mind, time spent waiting on line to check out a key, or tracking down a misplaced key will be considered as part of your appointment time.

If you do not have a doorman or building concierge, we will require sets of keys.

For Daily Dog Walking, we will need 3 sets of keys- one for your primary walker, one for your secondary walker, and one to keep at our office in case of emergency. 

For Pet Sittings we will require either 2 sets of keys, OR 1 set of keys and contact information for someone we can call in case of lock-out- a neighbor who will be home to let us in, or a building super.

Do you pet sit for exotics?


Yes! We have experience with Turtles, Rabbits, Fish, Insects, Terestrial Crabs, and just about any pet you can think of. We would be happy to take care of your companion animal(s) and perform habitat maintenance for them.

Do you offer boarding?


Yes, we offer dog boarding in our trainer's home. All new boarding dogs must be personally approved by our trainer to maintain a happy, healthy environment for the pups who stay with us. Learn more about boarding

Do you have experience with large dogs?

Yes! We have years of handling experience with large breeds including shepard mixes, labs, pitbulls, chows, mastiffs and great danes. We are prepared to handle most common behavioral issues with large breeds, and can offer sugesstions to help make walking your dog easier for both of us.

Do you have experience with Pet Pigs?


Yes! (And we won't tell your landlord you have one!)

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