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Pet Sitting & Overnight Care

Pet Sitting & Overnight Care

Flipz Pet Care is proud to offer safe, reliable pet sitting. Whether you need walking, day visits, or in-home overnight care, we've got you covered.

We offer VIP (Very Important Pet) Kitty Care. 

Our experienced, professional sitters will help your cat cope with the stress of your absence.

What makes a Flipz Cat Sitter better than the rest?

They are educated, professionally trained, and will spend enough time with your cat to build trust. 

Most cat sitters only stay 20-30 minutes - enough time to feed your cat and scoop the litter box. We think this is crazy!

We spend a FULL HOUR each visit, giving your cat the time they need to get comfortable with us, and allow them to approach us when they are ready.

Your cat may not get any other human interaction for the net 24 hours, so we make our time count! Even shy and elusive kitties benefit from our extended presence.


Our Cat Sitters are highly qualified and may:

- be a certified cat trainer - be a certified vet tech

- have an academic background in Psychology or Animal Behavior

Our VIP Kitty Care includes feeding, litter box maintenance, and playtime or enrichment.

At the end of each visit you will receive a report card with details and photos, so you can see for yourself how you furry family is doing.

Check out our Gallery for some examples.


Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting
Social Boarding

Are you going away for an extended period? Need the pup out of the house for moving or renovations? Does your pup just have waaaaay too much energy?

We provide social boarding in our trainer's home in Brooklyn! Boarding is limited to 2- 4 dogs at a time depending on size, personality and temperament. We will only board well behaved dogs with compatable personalities. During their stay, your dog will have access to an outdoor patio and large rooftop for off-leash playtime. Weather permitting, your dog will get plenty of time outdoors, including trips to the local parks. High energy dogs may accompany our walkers for a full day of social walks. 

To qualify for boarding, your dog MUST be:

-Up to date on all vaccinations including Bordetella

-Currently on Flea and Tick prevention

-Free of all contagious illness, and be able to test negative for intestinal parasites including giardia

-Over 6 months old

-Fully potty trained to go outside

-Crate trained

-Able to be left alone for at least 4 hours at a time

-Able to ride in the backseat of a vehicle OR carried in a K9 backpack carrier

We require all NEW boarders to do a 1-2 night private boarding trial to assess temperament, behavioral needs, and to reduce anxiety by communicating to your dog that boarding is temporary.

For pricing, see our RATES page.

Social Boarding

NYC Overnight Pet Sitting, Manhattan Pet Sitting

Whether it's for a business trip, special occasion, or a family vacation, we can stay with your furry family while you are away!

No need for pet transport or boarding supplies, a pet care professional can stay with your dog or cat right in your own home! In-home pet sitting reduces the stress and anxiety your pet might feel while you are away. They can snuggle all night with a caring professional, and still have access to their favorite nap spot or hideaway, and can feel more comfortable in their home environment. Don't worry, we'll keep everything clean and tidy while you're away!

Each overnight visit includes two walks, two feedings, playtime, and overnight care. Typically, an overnight begins between 6 and 8pm and ends the next morning after breakfast and a morning walk. Want us to stay longer? Afternoon walks can be added at the regular rate.

For pricing, see our RATES page.

Overnight Sitting

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