Pet Sitting & Overnight Care

Pet Sitting & Overnight Care

Flipz Pet Care is proud to offer safe, reliable pet sitting. Whether you need walking, day visits, or in-home overnight care, we've got you covered.

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Day Sitting

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, tortoise or pot-bellied pig, they deserve the very best care available. Day sitting is provided by the hour and can include feeding, litter box maintenance, tank maintenance, and playtime or enrichment.

In addition, each day visit includes a free photo update. This includes a picture of your pet sent directly to your phone or email so you can see for yourself how your pet has been doing! Check out our Gallery for some examples.


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Overnight Care

Whether it's for a business trip, special occasion, or a family vacation, we can stay with your furry family while you are away!

No need for pet transport or boarding supplies, a pet care professional can stay with your dog or cat right in your own home! In-home pet sitting reduces the stress and anxiety your pet might feel while you are away. They can snuggle all night with a caring professional, and still have access to their favorite nap spot or hideaway, and can feel more comfortable in their home environment. Don't worry, we'll keep everything clean and tidy while you're away!

Each overnight visit includes a morning, afternoon, and evening walk, feedings, playtime, and overnight care. Typically, an overnight begins with an afternoon walk, and ends the next morning after breakfast and a morning walk. Alternatively, an overnight could begin at dinner time and end after an afternoon walk the next day. Want us to stay longer? Add-on walks are available at a discounted rate when applied to an overnight!

For pricing, see our RATES page.