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Dog Walking

Join Our Team

Are you obsessed with animals? Do you NEED more dog in your life? Do you find teaching a dog a new trick to be fun AND rewarding?  If so, a career in Pet Care may be right for you! Apply with Flipz Pet Care, and add a network of dogs and cats to your extended family!

Apply to be a Pet Care Associate!

      Flipz Pet Care LLC was established with the intention of ensuring compassionate and personalized care for companion animals in New York. Currently we provide daily dog walking, and pet sitting services in Hell's Kitchen, and we are looking to expand our coverage! 

    Flipz Pet Care sets the bar for pet care service, with an untarnished FIVE STAR RATING from our clients. Now, we are seeking to expand our team with passionate individuals who will uphold our standard of service.


Responsibilities WILL include:

  • Working on Holidays

  • Arriving at appointments on time

  • Using provided safety equipment and following safety protocols

  • Wearing provided company uniform

  • Cat Sitting

  • Waste clean-up and proper disposal for all companion animals

  • Providing companionship, playtime, and mental stimulation for companion animals

  • Working in ALL weather conditions (ex: extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, etc.)

  • Navigating public transportation efficiently to get to scheduled appointments

  • Picking dogs up, and dropping them off at their residence

  • Providing exercise for dogs

  • Handling dogs ranging from 2lbs.-80lbs.

  • Supervising dogs at dog runs, and in social situations, and preventing conflict between dogs

  • Following basic dog training protocols

  • Assessing a dog’s comfort level with various triggers (dogs, bicycles, traffic, loud noises, ect.) and tailoring a route accordingly

  • If applicable, working with a dog to decrease sensitivity to triggers

Responsibilities MAY include:

  • Providing day visits for exotic companion animals such as rabbits, tortoises, etc

  • Handling dogs 80+lbs.

  • Possibility of contracted overnight stays, inside a client’s home

Required Qualifications:

  • A passion for pet care, and love for animals

  • Experience in the pet care industry

  • Physically able to walk up to 2 miles/hour , a minimum of 5 miles per day, and lift up to 50lbs**

  • Access to reliable transportation, including an unlimited MetroCard or bicycle

  • Must live no more than 45 minutes away from Civic Center, Manhattan

  • Must have a smartphone, and ability to take and send pictures via text or email

  • A commitment of at least 6 months

  • Mandatory weekday availability between 10am and 5pm

  • Flexibility to increase work hours gradually, or offer additional coverage for other associates who are unable to attend their scheduled appointments

  • Willingness to be subject to a background check

  • Basic knowledge of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning

  • Willingness to work in different areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with puppies or dogs with behavioral issues

  • Background in either Psychology or Animal Behavior


**A walker with a 6 hr/day schedule walks about 8-12 miles per day total, including commuting to and from work and between clients, or an average of 4-8 miles per day while on the job.  You may be asked to handle dogs ranging from 2lbs.-80 lbs., so a certain amount of strength is required for safety.

Dog walking in all weather conditions is not easy, so a genuine love for dogs is a must.


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