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At Flipz Pet Care,

we strive to make the most out of every visit.

Does your energetic pup need a good run? Does your elderly dog need a slow stroll in the sunshine? Could your mischievous pooch benefit from the focus of some basic task training and positive reinforcement? Mentally stimulating games to save him/her from chronic boredom?

We specialize in getting to know our clients, and providing what is best for them. We will work with anxiety issues, exercise requirements, and special routines.

  • Private walks are subject to availability.

  • Standard social walks pair your pup with one or two friends.

  • 90 minute social walks may include a group of up to five dogs

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

90 Min



Do you find it hard to keep up

with the exercise needs of your pup?

Could they benefit from a long walk with friends?

Our 90 minute social walks can boost confidence, increase social skills, and decrease frustration and anxiety. After a few weeks of our most popular group walk, you may see positive changes in your dog's behavior at home!

All dogs must be assessed and approved for group walks to ensure safety. Contact us to learn more and see if 90 minute social walks are available in your area.

Walking Dog

What We Provide:

  • Email Updates

  • Photo Updates

  • GPS Check-In

  • Mobile App Scheduling

  • Knowledgeable Support

  • Love and Compassion

  • Exercise

  • Confidence

  • Patience

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Socialization

  • Waste Clean-up

What You Should Provide:

  • Poop Bags (biodegradable preferred)

  • An appropriate front-clip harness or head halter

    • Petsafe "3-in-1" or 2 Hounds "Freedom" harnesses are preferred 

    • Coastal Pet "Walk n' Train" head halters are preferred

  • A well fitting flat collar with updated ID tags

  • An appropriate leash for your dog

    • Flat nylon leads are preferred.

    • For safety, we will NOT use a retractable lead

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