At Flipz Pet Care,

we strive to make the most out of every visit.

Does your energetic pup need a good run? Does your elderly dog need a slow stroll in the sunshine? Could your mischievous pooch benefit from the focus of some basic task training and positive reinforcement? Mentally stimulating games to save him/her from chronic boredom?

We specialize in getting to know our clients, and providing what is best for them. We will work with anxiety issues, exercise requirements, and special routines.

  • Private walks are subject to availability.

  • Standard social walks pair your pup with one or two friends.

  • 90 minute social walks may include a group of up to five dogs

What We Provide:

  • Email Updates

  • Photo Updates

  • GPS Check-In

  • Mobile App Scheduling

  • Knowledgeable Support

  • Love and Compassion

  • Exercise

  • Confidence

  • Patience

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Socialization

  • Waste Clean-up

What You Should Provide:

  • Poop Bags (biodegradable preferred)

  • An appropriate leash for your dog

    • Flat nylon leads are preferred.

    • For safety, we will NOT use a retractable lead